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The Helpful Squeegee

In this blog post, we explore a simple yet effective practice that can revolutionize your shower maintenance routine: squeegeeing your shower glass. By adopting this straightforward step into your daily routine, you will not only save time on cleaning but also ensure your shower stays cleaner for longer.

Squeegeeing your shower glass after each shower is a small task with a significant impact. By doing this regularly, you make it impossible for soap scum to build up on your shower glass. Soap scum and harsh water marks appear when glass gets wet regularly and is left to dry slowly. Resulting in hard to clean water marks that make cleaning it increasingly annoying.

To illustrate the difference this can make, I conducted an experiment with my own shower.

The panel on the left is squeegeed almost daily | The panel on the right was left alone completely

As you can see, the panel consistently squeegeed has no harsh water marks and will only need to be cleaned with glass cleaner, whereas the non-squeegeed panel will need a soap scum removal procedure before following with glass cleaner to finish it off. For helpful tips around soap scum removal see below.

While cleaning soap scum might appear as a daunting task, it can be effortlessly accomplished with the appropriate products and methods. At Cleaner Fresher Homes, we recommend using a scrubbing brush and OzCleans: Shower Power for the job. For an in-depth guide on effectively addressing soap scum, please refer to our Instagram highlights under "Tips" (@cleanerfresherhomes).

Whether you have cleaner who helps with the daily upkeep of your home, or you handle your bathroom maintenance yourself, squeegeeing your shower glass is a true time saver. For those who have hired assistance, this practice will save your cleaner time in the bathroom, allowing them to spend that time elsewhere. This means even more value for money for you!

If you handle your own bathroom cleaning, squeegeeing will make cleaning them that much easier. Scrubbing shower screens is time consuming and it's just something no one wants to spend all day on. By squeegeeing your screens daily, maintaining your showers becomes quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

We hope this makes cleaning your showers a breeze!


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