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How to Clean Like a Pro

Updated: Jan 5

Tackling the task of cleaning your home can be overwhelming, especially when you're unsure of which products to use for each job. That's why we've decided to dedicate a whole blog post to helping you transform your cleaning routine and overall make it a lot easier! Our aim is to guide you through effortless cleaning, making your home a clean place to relax without the hassle.

Tackling soap Scum with Ozkleen's Shower Power: Soap scum can be such a tricky task if you are using products that promise you the world but fail to impress every time. This makes cleaning your shower or bath frustrating and usually leads to giving up on the whole thing. Soap scum removal can be super simple using Ozkleen's Shower Power. We recommend this product as it makes the job a breeze and will save you time and effort. How to: Apply a generous coat of Shower Power to the area you're cleaning. Then using a soft bristle scrubbing brush on glass or a harder brush on tile, scrub in a circular motion to remove the scum. Then rinse the product away and watch the grime go with it. If the area was heavily soiled/built up, you may need to repeat the process once more. It's as simple as that. Example of a shower cleaned with only Shower Power & glass cleaner:

Shining Stainless Steel with Jif: Have you ever noticed your sink slowly discolouring, the stainless steel kettle fading or the dishwasher door becoming a hot spot for tough to remove spots? Often using multipurpose cleaner on these surfaces is pointless as it only removes the easy stuff and usually leaves streaks all over. We recommend our trusty friend Jif for anything stainless steel cleaning. We recommend Jif as it's the only product that will leave the surface streak free and shining. How to: Apply the product straight to the area or onto a microfiber cloth and work in. You should see all marks begin to lift easily. To finish; thoroughly rinse the product away and dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This will leave the surface looking brand new.

Windows, the Right Way: Windows and glass can be the most annoying thing to clean if you're using the wrong products. You will be left fighting streak after streak without getting anywhere. For the outside of the glass we recommend using a bucket of warm water with a dash of Methylated Spirits and Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquid combined with a squeegee. Using a microfiber cloth and your bucket, wash down the window giving it a thorough clean, focussing your efforts on any tough spots. While the window is wet use the squeegee to whisk away all of the water. Then use a glass microfiber cloth to get any spots the squeegee missed and finish by running it around the frame. For the inside of the window or other internal glass we recommend using a spray bottle with water, 10ml Methylated Spirits & 2 drops of Morning Fresh. You will need two clean glass microfiber cloths. How to: Spray the mixture on the glass, then clean the area with one cloth and buff off any streaks with the other one.

Mould Power for a Mould-Free Zone: Mould cleaning is always tricky when there are conflicting things online about what actually kills mould and what doesn't. To make things simple; we recommend Ozkleen's Mould Power for this task. This will ensure the mould is effectively treated and will help to prevent it from growing back. How to: Spray the product onto the affected surface and leave it to work for 30 seconds. For grout; scrub with a scrubbing brush and rinse off. Or for hard surfaces; wipe the product away with a damp cloth.

The above products are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways, on a number of surfaces. They're all available at your local Woolworths & Coles, which makes them a convenient addition to your cleaning supplies. At CFH we love Ozkleen's range. We have no association with them other than being an extremely happy, long term users of their products. The mentioned products have made our jobs more time efficient, which in turn makes our lives easier. If they make professional cleaning a breeze, we are confident that they will make cleaning your home a lot less daunting!


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