Disinfection Services
As Required

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, it is now as important as ever that your home is cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy space for you and your family. In fact; there's no better time to clean!

Our disinfecting services can be booked as often as you require. Just let us know what day or days you would like disinfecting and we will arrange a cleaner with suitable availability. This will be the same cleaner with each delivered disinfection service.

Our Rates

$65.00 for 1-2hrs
$25.00/hr thereafter

Disinfecting of a 4-5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home will take approx. 1-2hrs

Please note: The above time is estimated on the basis that all areas are clear of objects and are easily accessible to your cleaner for disinfection.

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Covid-19 Coronavirus


Influenza A

What does this service include?

Disinfecting of the following:

  • Light switches 

  • Hand rails

  • Door handles 

  • Toilets

  • Remotes

  • Key boards & mice

  • Appliances (touch pads & buttons)

  • Cupboard door handles

You can also add:

  • Kitchen bench

  • Dining table

  • Other surfaces - upon request

Please note: This service is strictly for prevention only. Should you have a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus within your home, this is not the service for you. 
If you or someone in your home is displaying symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus, you should cancel your cleaning service and self isolate.

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