COVID-19 Updates

In these unprecedented times, we would like to reach out to let you know what we are doing to continue safely providing you with our great cleaning services. 

In a recent update from the Government, we were advised that cleaning is essential job and that we should continue to provide our services, while able to do so. This means our cleaners and our clients will need to work together to ensure that we can continue to do this safely.

Here at Cleaner Fresher Homes our cleaners are being advised to follow all advice provided by the Government. This includes practising social distancing, regular hand washing, wearing appropriate PPE and only going out when absolutely necessary.

Our cleaners have also been advised to practice good communication with their clients in regards to any possible sickness in their home. Our cleaners will inform you if they are unwell or if they believe they have been in contact with anyone who may be unwell or is showing symptoms. We kindly ask that you do the same for them. 

We highly recommend purchasing a hospital grade disinfectant that your cleaner can implement into their regular routine during this time. We suggest cleaner uses this to disinfect all common 'touch' areas, for example; light switches, door handles, grab rails, remotes, appliances, taps, cupboard door handles etc.

We are now offering a Disinfection Service to help keep family homes safe and healthy. To book click here.


If you are comfortable to continue your service at this time or are interested in starting a new service, we would like to thank you for supporting us through quite literally the hardest time we have experienced. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

We have optimism we will all get past this. Thank you from the CFH family and stay safe!

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